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Breakfast Plates

Steak and eggs Market Price

Country fried Steak or Chicken and eggs 11.00

Breakfast Burger 12.00

Breakfast Burrito 9.00

Hash and Eggs 9.50

Cafe Breakfast 8.00

Wild Fries 9.00

Patty's Hot Plate Breakfast 8.00

Biscuits and Gravy 7.00

half order 5.00

French Toast Breakfast 9.50

Pancake Breakfast 9.00

Momma's Breakfast 8.00

Omelet Your Way 11.00

Breakfast Sandwiches 5.00

choice of english muffin, croissant, bagel or toast

choice of ham, sausage or bacon and cheese and one egg your way

add egg 1.25

add extra cheese 1.00

extra meat 2.00

Full order French toast 7.00

half order 5.00

single piece 2.75

Full order cinnamon roll French toast 7

half order 5.00

Full Stack of Pancakes 6.00

short stack 4.00

single pancake 2.5

Beverages 2.00

Coca Cola Products

Tea, Coffee, Hot Tea

Medium 2.00 Large 2.50

Milk, tomato juice, orange juice, chocolate milk, hot chocolate